Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are not fool

For these two weeks starting from last week, we are learning poem for EALD class.
Yesterday, we were having a poem recitation session. And this was mine, entitled 'We are not fool':

We can't rewind
That night we lost our mind
Even when mum and dad being so kind
But still we spent all our money on wine
When they asked, we said we're fine
We think that's how to shine
By clubbing till morning from night at nine.

We can't repeat
That night me and you agreed to meet
In the park, it's sex that we did
Even tomorrow there's a Math test to be reseat
In the test we tried to cheat
But a smart teacher can read
In the end others know we are stupid
We hated him and said he's a shit.

We can't playback
That night me and you started to pack
We said it's parents' love that we lack
So we took a bus and sit on the deck
Planning what to do with a stolen cheque
In hope nobody realised that fact
Even if someone did, we said what the heck.

All in all maybe we can't rewind
neither can we repeat
nor can we playback
But one thing we can do
We can plan.