Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's hard yet it's smooth. It's tragic yet we're safe. We're sad yet we're being grateful. For still breathing. I guess we're just lucky. Alhamdulillah.

Friday, 16th oct, 1.40 pm. I received a text message from my father. He said he's on the way to student house.
He just finished his work in KL and today he's going back to Kedah. Eventually that moment i decided to follow him, only for weekend. I packed, took all my homeworks into my bag. And a pair of baju kurung, because my family planned to go to my uncle's house at Perak on Saturday. At around 2.20 pm, he's already outside, waiting for me. Not long after that, we started our way.

1 hour after the journey, which was around 3.20, rain was pouring like mad outside. Extremely heavily. I finished my fries in the car but the coke was nearly untouched, because i know at the highway, there's no toilet everywhere. My father asked me to sleep, because there's still long km to go. I normally would sleep in the car without being asked, but on that day, my eyes couldn't close.

3.40 pm. Something that could have killed us had happened. The car stopped. It's 'dead'. We were in an accident. It's being 'thrown' to the side ways. The road was super-slippery I guess. That's why my father lose control of the car. Alhamdulillah no other car involved. And Alhamdulillah we're safe. No cut neither broken leg, yet the car was a total junk.

Both my father and i stood beside the highway for 5 hours long, waiting for the crane to lift the upside-down- car to the road again. The supposedly 6 hours journey turned to be 12 hours instead. Only at 2.30 am, my father and i arrived home, after being fetched by my sister and her husband at 9.00 pm.

Maybe it's devastating for my father to loose his car plus a laptop a day before, but what's more important than life. And for me, i dont dare to sleep in any moving vehicle anymore, at least for now. Tomorrow wil be a tough day because i need to go back to KL, alone :(

After being towed:

In workshop:

*I'll upload picture in the scene next time.