Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'm so naive

atiqah and liyana.
both are photographers in my class.
that's because they got the cameras.
i mean not the digital one, more upgraded such as canon powershot g9 (atiqah) and canon 1000D (liyana).
*sorry if it's wrong.

last time i asked from atiqah, whether i can take her snapped photos of our class to be featured in my friendster.
through sms.
she said of course i can do so, but don't forget to credit for her.
i replied, im broke, can't credit you.
few days later, i saw in someone's blog, it was a photo written something under it,
credit to ......
so there i knew, credit is not giving money instead giving some kind of praise to someone.

there was once when i got some kind of gathering with all my 3-housemates.
then we need to talk about 'first intention when you woke up this morning'.
following the circle that we made, then came my turn.
i talked about 'first tension when i woke up this morning'.

i'm just so naive.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

me and her

We are different.
She is boyish while i am not.
She is tough while i am not.
She speaks a lot while i am not.

12th of April 2009
5.25 pm
She wants to buy the ice-cream. She can walk but instead she runs. It is as if the ice-cream will run away from her. Ya, not all normal girls can run as fast as her. It is a normal view for me to see her running like that and that is not the frst time. While she is running with her brother/game partner to get their delicious and yummy ice-cream, i am waiting in the car with my mom. We talk and chat for a while. About 10 minutes later, they come back. Without the ice-cream. Ya, me and my mom are full with anxiety and panic. We blurted out questions, asking them why they do not get it. Finally we realise that she falls. I mean, it is a hard fall. Both sides of her knee are cut and her nail breaks.

Back in home, my dad scolds her while putting some oil on both of her knees and broken nail. (Hurt + get scolded = cry). She cries. But merely 10 minutes. After that, she goes out, grabs her racket, takes the shuttle, and later she plays badminton. With her older 11-years old brother. She just can't sit still even for a minute. That's what makes her, her.

One thing about her. Which i got no chance to do it when i was a small girl. She befriended with boys, i mean most of her friends are boys, either in school or at our neighbourhood. And that tells why she is so boyish. Anyhow, i think she is just adorable enough. Whole family just can't get enough of her, especially my dad, who is always lose whenever got into a fight-talk with this 8-years-old little girl.

13th of April 2009
She is not going to school. She said she's hurt so much that she can't go to school. Again, my mom and dad HAVE to follow her. Maybe she is only 8 but she holds the veto power over them. At home, she watches cartoons and plays video games whole day long. Plus, eats a lot and laughs her head off in front of the television. When my mom comes back from work, she asks her, "Hey you said you're hurt? Why you're laughing that hard?". She replies, "I'm not using my knee to laugh." Ya, that's her.

Friday, April 3, 2009

we're all broke

she is broke.*pic credit to liyana.

It has been almost 4 months now since we all got the allowance.
and now most of us are broke.
i mean, really broke.
at least i got more money in the bank than y and daniel.
*y and daniel, dont kill me.
so i should not be that scared.
or should i?

Huh, there are so many things to pay and spend for. Especially RM 200 for the so-called 'winter' camp on May. I already paid RM 100 and now there is another RM 100 to go. Owh now i finally know how does it feel when you have no or less money. This thing keeps bothering me, should i use my own money or ask from my dad? my mom is not in the list cause she wont give me money anyway.

This year i dont buy any new shirt neither any pant. Eh no, i did, but just once. Eh no, maybe twice or thrice. There was one time, my sis asked me to buy a tee for her. That tee costed RM 40 for a piece but then got kind of promotion, 3 for RM 90. And so one piece became RM 30. So i need to buy 3. One for her, one for me, and ainin bought one for herself to make it 3. That's that. *mr derick's trademark. At the end of the day, my sis did not pay me. Good.

'How good this girl, that's all you buy? Owh you need more shirt darling, let me pay for you,' one mak datin said. *imagine.

One more problem. I eat a lot. Everytime i go to ou, it is kind of rule to buy the bakery bread. *bread is one of the example only. And the guy at the shop knows me so well already. He even remember with whom i go with. Last time when i went there alone, he even asked me, 'Where are your friends? That day you came with them right?'. A few days after, i went there again. With a friend. Then, he blurted out, 'Hey today you come with your friend huh.' I think at the end of this year, everyone in the bakery shop will know me. Good.

Then how am i going to save money?? grrrrr.
Maybe the money just cant stick on my hand.

one day happy, next day gloomy.

one day funny, next day fury.

one day we hope, next day we broke.