Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bottom and top

tests in the tests:
  1. you know how to answer the questions, but then you have no enough time to finish it.
  2. you being careless.
  3. you have no idea at all how to answer the questions.
After each test or exam, we are all being tense.
we hope high.
but then the marks are not that high.
we sigh.
we frustrated.
we depressed.

the thing is, in order to be able to jump, we must bend our knee first.
in order to stand, we must fall down first.
in order to wake up, we must sleep first.

same goes when it comes to test or exam.
before you are able to grab the excellent target, you need to discover your weakness first.
you need to start from below.
take your time then plan an action.
action means move.
not a dream.
nor fantasy.
next, strive your life towards it.
and be strong through the way.

but still, some are great enough that they do not need to be at the bottom.
but you see, they will never be on top.
that means, they are always in the comfort zone.
they will just walk, normally, neither fall nor jump.
in other words, nothing special about it.

so, you choose, which one you want to be.
the one that just walk, or the one that fall and then jump high.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the nicest, the stupidest

most people are trained to be a good person.
not all but just most.
but why is that so?
why we should be nice to everyone?

first and foremost,
you do that because you expect others to do the same thing to you.
you are scared if you start being harsh to them, they also will act just as the same.
of course you are not going to slap your friends' face.
of course you are not going to kick your friends' butt.
of course you are not going to hurt their feelings intentionally.
you are SCARED people will hurt you the same way as you did.

but then, sometimes, the nicest will be the stupidest.
the courtesy you show is a target for others to shoot you.
the politeness you act making others loose confidence on you.
if the nicest will be the stupidest, then is the worst will be the smartest?

anne. a very hard-hearted girl. always speaks her mind out. simply never care about what others say to her. and because of that, she dares to speak anything she wishes. i think she is smart.

me. try to be nice to everyone. try to take care of others' feelings. try to cheer everyone up. and now i know it is stupid.

*p/s: all my housemates (all 3 houses, haha) :thanks for the suprise (even not so suprised),the melted cake and the presents.
along:thanks for the treat.
sueray:thanks for EVERYTHING.
indera, zaf and zizie:thanks for the pouring of your DRINK on me.and the presents.
friends and my dearest family:thanks for the wishes and heaven-treat.
thanks a lot.

*credit to my dear yana for the pictures.

Friday, February 6, 2009

blazing birthday, fabulous friends

refer to my first entry, yes the one about my hobby.
i did say i want the dslr damn much. and now i feel even more.
yana already bought it for her last night.
yes she bought the dslr.

i feel like dying.
kind of.
i am sick.

ok, now i sound like mad.
nothing of it got something to do with the title.
change subject.

last night, we had birthday party for indera and jia wern at the student house.
our friends.
lots are coming.
they were bringing presents for them both, indera and jia wern.
for the party, we had steamboat.
no birthday cake, just steamboat.
and also there were german students, playing pranks on indera.
eggs and flour splatting on him.
girls on the other hand, gave him a free shower.
interesting part.
we supposed to scream on that time right, as it was kind of a game.
especially when indera ran after all of us.
but then, after we screamed, we were all like, "syhh.."
again, indera chased us, we screamed for 2 seconds, then again, "syhh.."
we scared of the neighbours.
they might call police.
they did before.

that night makes me realise something.
the thing is not how expensive the presents are.
neither how wonderful the decorations are.
nor how many people are coming.
but the priceless thing is, people is celebrating your birthday together.
they are happy for you.
they are enjoying your existence.
they pray for your long live.

friends, no matter how bad you are, you still have them beside you.