Saturday, March 28, 2009


Have you ever heard people saying that,
'if someone have sore eyes, we should not look straight into their eyes because somehow we might get infected'.

I always wonder why is it so, why people dont say,
'if someone have chicken pox / diarrhoea / syphilis, we should not look at their diseases with our bare eyes'.

Last time, a friend of mine came out with her own thought, that it might be because of our eyes have some kind of ray that are beaming out from the eyes towards anything their looking at. This means when A got infected by this so-called-germs in his / her eyes, then B is looking at those eyes, the germs will then be passed on to B by the ray. Somehow i feel its' kind of true. Our legs wont have the ray, neither our hands, skin or gall bladder.

This brings to another fact that,
'the love one experiences can be seen through his / her eyes'
When you like someone, no matter how hard you try to hide it, the person will basically know about it. How? Ya, through your eyes.

Sometimes i dont know why, whenever i look at someone's eyes, i will feel uncomfortable and try to run my view from their eyes. But honestly not all, only some. For instance, while i was talking, at the same time i looked at C's eyes, then suddenly i lost. Started to figure out what else to talk about. *I hate when this thing happen. * To avoid embarrasing myself, i tried to be cool and continued saying, "Can you please wait, i need to go to the washing room / i need to finish my work first / owh i'm so sleepy already, see you tomorrow!"
*Next time if i say these again, people will not trust me anymore, for sure.

By the way, i love this idiom:
make sheep's eyes at somebody
to look at someone with admiration and passionate towards them.
e.g: Sandy keeps making sheep's eyes at Hiromitsu trhrough the whole journey to Pilbara desert.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Love notes


Now i think we can be friend again, or maybe more than that. Since last year, i stop contacting you. So deeply sorry. Flashing my mind through what i have done to you since then, trigger some kind of regret deep inside my insensitive heart. But then, now i am such a different person. I dont want to be the same me again and feel guilty and repentant most of the time thinking of how stupid i am, leaving you alone. From now on, i want you to be by my side, always.

Frankly speaking, the thought of how important you are to me has never arise, because i really think that i can survive by myself, without your help. Ya, i admit i am being both selfish and silly that at end, i'll keep regretting it. As a fact, i am not a literature-minded girl, neither a fast learner. But you, as innocent as beacon, lighting my life through the way. Pouring new vocabs to me just like steady rainfall pouring the earth. Huh, how i wish i can thank you.

Hey, one more thing. You. You are so extra big. Cant you just be smaller ? And slimmer. huh. I really hope so you know, so that i will eagerly bring you with me everyday to college. And perhaps, i can share you with them. But no worries, i wont leave you with them. Because you are mine. Forever and always.

Thanks again for being here with me, you, my lovely bulky heavy-weight Colins Cobuild dictionary.

Fairuz Emran.