Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A tribute that will never be enough

We love you.

We love you.

She loves you. We all do.

"Hey you, why you are shouting to your mom?"
"Hey you, why dont you listen to your dad?"
"Hey you, why you are so rude to them?"

Mom, why you still keep treating us nice even when we talk loud to you?
and dad, why you keep supporting us after we ignore your advices?

and God creates us to love and protect you child.

maybe billions..
maybe 100 years..
maybe infinity..

Never in this world we are able to pay you enough..
Never in this world we forget what you did..
and never in this world, we stop loving you..

I still remember, one day before spm maths trial exam, i dumbly left my calculator in the tuition centre. But i did not tell you dad about this, because i trully did not want to bother you about this. I just think that i could find another one at home. But until late at night, i could not find any. Desperately, i told you. Yes, you went out to buy the new one for me.
It is 5 minutes before "Popular" shop closed. I did the exam on the next day, thinking how much i troubled you.

Kedah and Selangor is not near at all. It takes around 5 hours driving. But still, most of the times when i go back to Kedah, you always take the trouble to send me back just because you do not want to let me go back alone.

I still remember, when i was in form 5, i attended maybe 5 tuition classes. And the fees are not cheap. Besides, those books you bought to me. They cost a lot. I felt kind of guilty, cause too much money you spend on me. But neither of them bother you mom.

And if we need to pay for your prayers, maybe even million dollars will not be enough.
Cause you pray too much.
Too often.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sound machine?

The people keep talking.
The people keep commenting.
The people keep looking.

You try your hardest to be nice to everyone.
to respect them as much as you want them to do on you.
to be amiable and spread a gracious smile on everyone.
but then...
people say you are hypocrite.

You help friends who are trully in hard times.
you want to delight them.
you want to hear their lingering laughs again.
but then...
people say you are desperately need attention.

*after a while, you are no angel.

You do not care anymore what the heck people is doing around you.
you simply neglect others' businesses.
you being blissfully ignorant, acting like you never care about them.
but then...
people accuse you of being a hostile, selfish little creature.

You enjoy every tiny bits of your life.
go out with your adorable friends.
have some fun and be totally steeped in it.
and again...
people label you as an over sociable idiot.

Now do you think you should give a toss on what others say?

"If Wright brothers listen to what people said to them, do you think we can ride on a flight by now?"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need more?

Have you ever think that you do not appreciate enough what you own by now?
Have you ever realise that you really are the lucky one?
Have you ever appreciate the love people spread on you?

Sometimes we are.
But most of the time, we are not.

First case.
Your closet is already stucked by hundreds of clothes.
Your shoes collection only need two more pairs to make them 20.
and your mobile phone is still functioning super-well.
Still, you tend to buy new ones.
Monthly? Weekly? or even daily?
Maybe when:
-One Utama is having fainting discounts for clothes.
-you see one extra-comfy shoes that you think you truly need it.
-you think that your phone is already out of date.
Yes, when the times come, you spend your money to buy them.
Again. Again. And again.
Ok, now you said you appreciate things on life?

Second case.
You have two hands.
You have two legs.
You have brilliant working brain.
You get the scholarship to further your studies.
You get the chance to stay at houses which maybe for some people, never be able to do so even they work for hundred years.
But still, you never appreciate them.
Loitering, chatting on rubbish thingy, shopping.
Yes, you prefer to do that more often than studying, dont you?
*now i sound like a nerd.

Third case.
Truly supporting mother.
Great loving father.
Successful sisters and brothers.
Bunch of solace friends.
Extra nice partner.
Now tell me what else you need?

Frankly, now i feel like i am a total waste of space.

"When you pray for the rain, never forget to thank God for the sunshine."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hobby. My hobby.

This is the crime scene. Oops, no, photo scene.

Waa, so ashamed, but still want to put this picture.

No smiling, ok?

2 seconds before entering the house.

Photography. My hobby. Yes, it is. Actually before this it has never crossed my mind that i will be totally steeped in this kind of activity. Absolutely never. Just last year, by mixing lots with those 'photo-freak' in my own class that i started to be addicted in all these photo matters. I think one day we can call our class as photography II instead of architecture II. Yes, very soon. Very.

Back to last semester, while we did not really have to study much (not that we did not have to, but we refused to) there was a super-cool event that we did every wednesday. The idea was that we wore the same colour shirt on that day. Yes, same colour, not same size ok. On those days, we would definitely take several minutes for photoshoot between english and economics class, acting like kids, 5-year-old kids, while snapping those photos (our class sounds like studio right? or kindergarten??). At the end of the day, we ended up absorbing more photography skills instead of mastering our lessons. How talented we are on those glory days.

Not forgotten, the days we were having our long holiday, that was last month, i took this opportunity to sharpen my skills. Photography skills (i sound like i have one dslr camera while i am not). I still remember, one day my 17-year-old sister and I were feeling bloody boring at home as there were not much things to do on that evening. Later, i asked her to go out, walking and enjoying extra clean air around. I brought my digital pentax camera out with me (eventhough we were only walking for maybe 100 steps only). Suddenly, there you go, i got an idea. Genius one.

Not far from my house, there was a keretapi tanah melayu railway. I urged my sister to go there with me and have some photoshoot on that railway. Nice spot it was. Five minutes passed by. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Everything was extremely fine. First, i snapped her photos, then she snapped mine. Yes, like jusco workers changing shifts. We tended to ignore everything. Then, out of blue, we heard something. Like the sound of a train coming. Owh my God! Without looking at my sister, i jumped down straight to the ground. Yes, the railway is actually quite high. My shoes were full of dirt. My clothes were dramatically dusty already. My sister looked at me and said, "What the hell are you doing??"

"What?! There you see, the train is coming! Go down here, faster!!!" I replied.

"Train?! Owh, sometimes motorcycle can be a train also huh?" how sarcastic she could be sometimes.

Ok, my mistake. It was not a train, only a motorcycle drove very far away, that for me it sounded like a train.

Yes, those are only little bit part of my experince in photography. Very little. I also have so many sweet times with my friends at college. They are crazier than me. Much more crazier. But one thing we share, we all enjoyed photography heaven much. Those who have dslr should share them with us.