Monday, July 20, 2009

At the age of 19, now only i know myself better

I've never heard of kiwi allergy before. All that i know is just allergy towards seafoods and nuts. That's it. All this while im being so grateful, cause i thought im healthy enough, no allergy towards any kind of foods. Thinking how weak they are, of those who have allergy.

To begin the story, frankly speaking, i've never buy kiwi myself. I mean, if i shop for fruits, kiwi is no my choice. Its' tasty, but i prefer other fruits, maybe apple its' only apple. Probably the only famous fruit when i studied in primary school was only apple, that's why i love it. Or maybe, because i only know apple's spot in jusco. Yaa, so easy to find.

Yesterday, on typical Sunday, we cooked at house. After finished eating, Ainin, my one and only roomate, offered me kiwi. We ate and ate and ate until suddenly i felt my lips were totally irritated. Somehow i continued eating, ignoring the pain. After everything was completely finished, then only i stooped eating. Ya, the agony now began. It was bloody painful, in my mind i just hoped that my lips wouldnt swell or else they would become as sexy as Angelina Jolie's. I dont it need it for now.

Ainin was soo panic, offering me her vaseline. I put it on my lips. But even until at night, my lips didnt recover. Next thing was that, my whole body became itchy. Ya good, tomorrow's morning i got math test and for the whole night, im busy scratching and putting vaseline on it. Just what i need.....

This morning i woke up, and thank God, everything returns to normal. Hafiz said i should just eat the banana, bla, bla, bla i know i have this kind of allergy towards expensive foods. Last time Ainin ( again her) gave me old town's coffee, and i had stomach ache for one whole night, that i nearly threw up. Next time, i should just drink teh tarik. See, im a true Malaysian.


HANI said...

true malaysian?
tu gedik namanye ;p

athira azmi said...

Fairuz, u should eat durian instead..I never heard of Kiwi allergies before...I think u eat TOO much already.

A kiwi a day keeps itchiness away.


fairuz said...

to hani..
owh me not..

to athira..
tira, if i eat durian maybe the 'duri' will come out from my skin, ha sapa nk jwb..

haha jgak

Anonymous said...
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